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Family and Inheritance Law

Marriage and partnership

We know that every relationship is unique and requires individual legal solutions. Our dedicated team is at your side with empathy and professional expertise to clarify your legal concerns in connection with marriage and partnership. Whether it concerns prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, divorces or maintenance issues - we will emphatically stand up for your interests and work with you to develop optimal solutions for your personal family situation. With us, you can count on trustworthy support in all family law matters in order to protect your rights and create a legal basis for a stable future.

Rainbow family / LGBTQ*

Our team of experienced family law solicitors have the necessary knowledge and sensitivity to understand the specific concerns of LGBTQ* people and rainbow families. Whether it's the regulation of parental rights, adoption, maintenance, or other family law issues - we are at your side. Our aim is to represent your rights and needs comprehensively.

Our law firm values the diversity of families and offers a supportive and inclusive environment. If you need legal support in family law, we will guide you competently through every phase of your family life and treat your individual concerns with respect and sensitivity

Separation and divorce

In times of separation and divorce, we are at your side as an experienced law firm to guide you through this sensitive process. Our aim is to support you with empathy and legal expertise and to work together to find the best solutions for your individual situation. We take care of all aspects of the divorce proceedings, from the division of assets (real estate, securities, etc.) to the settlement of maintenance claims, and will resolutely stand up for your interests. We will help you to make this transition as smooth as possible and create a solid foundation for your future.

Children's issues

Are you concerned about the welfare of your child or are you facing the challenge of arranging or adjusting care, custody, parental care, or maintenance? We provide you with comprehensive advice and support you in resolving disagreements with the other parent - be it in relation to care and parenting conflicts or questions about school and medical matters. We are also there for you when it comes to matters relating to parenthood, be it child recognition, contesting the child relationship or questions about adoption. We represent you before authorities and courts in proceedings before child protection authorities (KESB) and courts, in child protection measures that have already been ordered (educational assistance, directives, guardianship, extra-familial placements) or in cases of child abduction.

Binational marriage and issues relating to the recognition and supplementation of foreign family law judgments

In a binational marriage, questions regarding the recognition and supplementation of foreign family law judgments can sometimes be complex. Our law firm has extensive experience in this area and will assist you with empathy and expertise. We will help you to clarify questions relating to the recognition of foreign marriages, divorces, or custody decisions. We attach great importance to understanding your individual situation and developing tailor-made solutions. Whether it is a matter of adapting foreign judgments to local laws or enforcing rights in an international context - we are committed to your concerns and offer you reliable legal advice in all matters of international family law.

Inheritance law - estate planning (incl. international inheritance law)

We provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of inheritance law, including the drafting of wills, inheritance contracts and lifetime gifts. Our aim is to help you make clear and well-considered decisions to shape your estate planning according to your individual wishes and needs.


Whether the aim is to minimize tax burdens, secure assets for future generations or arrange company succession, we work with you to develop tailor-made strategies to protect your assets and ensure a smooth transition. We understand the challenges and nuances that can arise in cross-border inheritance matters (international inheritance law with a focus on Switzerland and Brazil). We offer sound advice on the changing legal norms and tax implications that can arise in cross-border inheritance matters. Whether it concerns the recognition and implementation of wills, the settlement of inheritance claims or the efficient structuring of estates - we develop tailor-made solutions that meet the legal requirements in both Switzerland and Brazil.

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