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Criminal Law and White-collar Crime

Criminal defence and asset recovery

If you are confronted with criminal charges, be it for offences in commercial or traffic law, we are at your disposal as reliable defence attorneys. Our experienced team of criminal defence lawyers will vigorously defend your rights and develop the best possible defence strategy for your individual case.

We analyse your situation in detail and take a proactive approach to effectively represent your interests.

Whether interrogations, pre-trial detention, arraignment, or court hearings - as experienced criminal defence lawyers, we are at your side with legal expertise and commitment.

Our firm excels in providing strategic assistance to private plaintiffs in criminal law and asset recovery through targeted planning and thoughtful approaches. We understand the complex challenges that individuals face in criminal matters, particularly in asset recovery. With our in-depth experience in criminal law, we provide comprehensive support to successfully guide private plaintiffs through the process and achieve lasting results.

Victim support and victim representation

At our law firm, we place particular emphasis on the expert support of victims and the representation of injured parties. We focus on the individual needs and concerns of victims of crime. We offer well-founded legal advice and resolutely stand up for the rights and interests of the injured parties.

Our lawyers understand the emotional and legal challenges victims face and are there to support them throughout the process.  We are committed to enforcing compensation claims and securing victims' rights to ensure that injured parties receive the support they deserve.

Our aim is to give the victims of crime a strong voice and to help them obtain their rights. Through our understanding victim support and victim representation, we want to contribute to the recovery and empowerment of those affected.

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